Return Policy

Evelent SW AB return policy for enterprises

Evelent SW AB (Corprate number: 559157-2663) Also called Evelent in this document.

Evelent is a supplier of spare parts for smartphones and laptop devices for smartphone workshops and resellers. Evelent also sells accessories to smartphones under it’s trademark G-SP ElectronicsTM.

General rules for returning items

Warranty starts from order date of the item that is being returned and must be delivered to Evelent before the warranty time is finished. Otherwise the item will be out of warranty and therefore will not covered. Items accepted by Evelent will be replaced with similar items, Evelent does not credit or return money to the customer for faulty items. They will only be replaced with similar items. Evelent provides shipping labels for these returns for no extra charge (for customers in Sweden). If the customer wish to get their money back or a credit they must return
the item in unused/un opened condition as fast as possible (48 hours maximum). Evelent does not provide free shipping for this cause. All returns must go through the RMA system or accepted by Evelent manually. When a return is received it will be reviewed by a technician and shipped back within 5 working days. If customer sends a package with items not purchased from Evelent, Evelent has a right to require the shipping fees that may have been paid wrongfully.

Different type of items have different terms of return, please read this whole document to be informed about the return policy. ALL spare parts must be visually inspected before installation. Any visible damage will not be covered if the spare part is installed or used in any way. Any Damaged caused by the transporter must be reported to them because Evelent does not handle this. Also if the item is modified in any way the warranty is void. For example gluing or cutting.


All Accessories have a 12-month warranty. This warranty covers factory defects and damage to the accessories that was caused by a factory defect. It does not cover wear and tear or damage inflicted by and or incorrect use or faulty installation. Concerning all electronics the functionality is also covered for 12 months. This is true for all accessories no matter manufacturer.

Our collection of accessories get frequently updated and changed. Because of our generous return policy on them sometimes covers get to their end of life by the time they get sent back to us. When that happens we replace them with popular models or other accessories in the same price range.


Our batteries come with a 6 month/250cycles warranty. Whichever comes first. This will cover everything short from faulty installation. We cover jumping battery %, DOA batterys, and when a battery wont charge over a percentage to just name a few. We can check battery’s life cycles too find out how many cycles the battery has gone through. iPhone battery’s are good for around 500 cycles before the use starts noticing a decrease in performance. That said we don’t cover poor performance when the battery is excessively used.

Warranty for flex cables

All flex cables and mechanical spare parts have a 6-month warranty that covers premature wear and tear and functionality. All spare parts must be visually inspected before installing or using. If the flex is damaged it will not be covered in the warranty.

Warranty for Original Displays from
Samsung, Huawei And Sony

These displays have a very limited warranty. If the display is installed it will not be covered in any way. The displays must be tested by connecting the display connector and booting up the phone without installing it. If the display is unused and returned within 90 days it will be exchanged.

Warranty for OEM Displays (non iPhone)

These displays have a 90 day warranty from purchase date. Displays must be tested before being installed. If the LCD is broken after mounting it will not be covered by the warranty. Touch problemsis covered even after mounting same with other defects. The display must not be broken when send back to Evelent. Screens that has been glued loses warranty.

Warranty for iPhone Displays

All non original displays made Apple iPhone series have a warranty that lasts 12 months. Oled Displays warranty lasts for 3 months. This warranty covers factory defects, Touch and reliability issues and functionality. This includes (Orignal Taken from iPhone) AAA Quality, Premium Quality, original assembled and High quality in-cell displays. LCD damages that appear after installing the screen are not covered. If the displays LCD gets lines or just shuts off completely black after mounting then the following scenario is applied:

Manufacturing>Shipping>Shipping to retailer>testing OK>LCD fails after the fact.

This means that the LCD was broken by the retailer or the end user. If the LCD was broken before reaching retailer the retailer would see this during testing and return in without delay and it would be replaced under the warranty.

Please take into consideration that if the display flex cable is extremely bent or damaged the touch can stop working or “ghost touch” because the lines connecting the screen to the motherboard get disconnected.